Interesting facts

These are some facts that are interesting to me. Check them out.

Species go extinct all the time. Scientists estimate that at least 99.9 percent of all species of plants and animals that ever lived are now extinct.

More than 1.3 billion Bibles and New Testaments have been placed by The Gideons.

Did you know that 111111111 times 111111111 equals 12345678987654321?

White sharks in South America can actually jump onto the beach to take their preferred prey of seal.

Chocolate is a New World discovery, and only came to Europe in the 1520s.

Did you know that every three seconds a baby is born in this world?

We humans forget approximately 80% of what we learn every day.

You can fold a piece of square dry paper in half no more than seven times.

The zipper was invented in 1893 for use on shoes, not clothes.

You cannot keep your eyes open when you sneeze.

One-fourth of the 206 bones in the body are in the feet.

Six eight-stud pieces of Lego can be arranged 102,981,500 different ways.

On the island of Flores (near Java and Bali) a species of giant rat can grow to almost three feet long.

For every living person on the planet, there are 200 million individual insects.

There's only one English word that end with the letters 'mt' and that word is 'dreamt.'

About one-tenth of the earth is covered in ice.

Teeth are the only parts of the human body that can't repair themselves.

A human fetus has fully formed finger prints after 18 weeks.

The oldest musical instrument in the world is the flute. Cave dwellers made flutes out of the hollow leg bones of birds.

Spam is raw when placed in the can. It is cooked during the can's sterilization process.

Web turns 35 but is still a work in progress. (2004)

A farmer in Alaska has raised a gargantuan 64-pound cantaloupe, a probable world record. (AP)

Honey bees travel over 43,000 miles to collect enough nectar to make a pound of honey.

AEGILOPS is the longest word in the English language that has letters arranged in alphabetical order.

Penguins can jump up to six feet in the air.

There are more bicycles in China than there are people in the United States.

A snail can sleep for 3 years without eating.

A lion's roar is powerful enough to be heard five miles away.

Earth crosses the orbit of an estimated 20,000,000 asteroids each year.

More money is printed daily for use in the game Monopoly that real money is printed by the US Treasury.

There are over 2,700 languages in the world, over 1,000 of which are spoken Africa.

A peregrine falcon can fly up to 225 mph.

Humans can detect musk in concentrations as low as 1:32 billion.

From the diary of England's King George III on July 4, 1776: "Nothing of importance happened today."

Police went and arrested a suspected drug trafficker after a one-year-old baby accidentally dialed 911. (Sun-Sentinel - Orange County FL)

Tidal waves travel as fast as 500 miles per hour.

Writing is hard work. Plato is said to have rewritten the opening sentence of The Republic 50 times.

The longest case of hiccups ever recorded lasted 69 years.

The thigh bone is stronger that a similarly shaped steel rod.

A cockroach can live up to a year with its head cut off.

Wedding bands go on the fourth finger of the left hand because that's where ancients thought the 'love vein' lay.

Humans blink their eyes over 10 million time a year!

Deepest recorded snowfall in 24 hours was 76 inches at Silver Lake, Colorado in 1921.

The human mouth produces a quart of saliva per day.

Twenty-five percent of the world's animals are beetles.

First radio message transmitted from US to England. (1903)

The heart of a whale beats only 9 times per minute.

A single human tooth has 55 miles of canals in it.

Newborn babies have 26 billion cells in their bodies. Adults have 50 trillion cells.

The average human has about 125,000 hairs on their head.

Sturgeon can live for up to three hundred years.

The air outside a passenger jet at cruising altitude is around 80 degrees below zero.

Benjamin Franklin went to school only between the ages of 8 and 10.

On open ground, most snakes can outrace most humans.

In perfect darkness, a human can see the light from a single candle over 50 miles away.

The average width of a lightning bolt is about 6 inches.

The human nose can detect smells in quantities as small as parts per trillion.

You can fold a piece of square, dry paper in half no more that seven times.

Author Mark Twain never even graduated grade school.

An average person laughs 13 times a day.

Minoso, 77, plays in seventh decade. (July 17, 2003)

Nation's oldest person dies at 113. (April 23, 2003)

More money is printed daily for use in the game of Monopoly than real money is printed by the US Treasury.

The skin of a hippo is nearly bullet-proof.

Crocodiles swallow stones to swim deeper.