A little trip down memory lane. I plan to continue to add to it.

1942 - Born on a Sunday morning, December 27, in Toledo, Ohio at St. Vincent's Hospital

1943 - Celebrated my first birthday in Hollywood, Florida where my dad was stationed in the U.S. Navy working as a navigation instructor.

1947 - Started school, kindergarten, at age 4, at Glenwood Elementary School, in Toledo, Ohio, with Miss Farquhar as my teacher. Lived at 2629 Robinwood Ave.

1948 - Enter first grade, at age 5, at Rosary Cathedral Grade School, in Toledo, Ohio, with Sister Barbara as my teacher.

1949 - Began second grade. Loretta Leland was my teacher, my favorite teacher at Cathedral. Made my First Communion.

1950 - Went to the third grade with Sister Richard.

1951 - My fourth grade teacher was Sister Augusta.

1952 - Sister Ursula taught me in the fifth grade. She called me Sambo.

1953 - In sixth grade I was taught by Sister Celestine.

1954 - My seventh grade teacher was Sister Esther.

1955 - In the eight grade my teacher was Sister Edwards.