Reading Scripture And Praying

You can make a irreversible impact for good in your life and the life of those around you by reading Scripture and praying.

For 5 minutes a day, read Scripture.

For 5 minutes a day, pray.

It's not a lot of time and you can do it anywhere, at anytime.


Reading Scripture does require a Bible. It could be a regular Bible book, a pocket size copy with sections of the Bible, or a website, e.g., www.biblegateway.com.

In 5 minutes you can read a chapter of one of the books within the Bible, or a couple Psalms or Proverbs. Pick something that appeals to you.


Prayer is simply talking to God and can be at your convenience anytime during the day or night.

Find a quiet place with little distraction and just close your eyes and start talking within your mind.

Thank God for some of the good in your life.

Ask God to help, bless, or heal someone. Pray for some specific family member, friend, or situation.

You may think of some action you want to do while you are praying. Follow up on it afterwards. Maybe you want to send a note or email, or encourage someone with a call, or help someone.

Discipline And Feeling Good

The key is to read Scripture and pray every day. It takes discipline, but anyone can chisel out 5 minutes a couple times a day.

Maybe you will schedule a time of day and repeat the Scripture reading and prayer in some routine manner.

It's not hard to do.

You will feel better about yourself and come to a better understanding of life.